A complete production chain. Under every point of view.

Boselli has high acquaintance of its raw material and cooperates with the best Yarn suppliers and transformers, in Europe and throughout the world in order to develop and adapt the yarn to their own working processes. The yarn is internally transformed through the many working phases such as texturizing, twisting, yarn doubling and warping. Boselli prepares the sizing of the warps and produces plain and jacquard woven items which are entirely prepared internally for dyeing, printing and eventually treated with special finishings.


Polyester is like a child for Boselli, born and expanded together with Boselli under every technical aspect . this is where our experience takes place with the production of our best sellers. Boselli produces many types of polyester fabric and not only fabrics coming from the classical polyester version but many others such as cationic, PBT, flame retardant FR and Trevira CS and recycled polyester, bacteriostatic and the combination of the polyester yarn with elastam.
In order to respect the environment, we are working on both recycled yarn and biodegradable PLA INGEO yarn originated entirely by corn fibre which has similar characteristics of those coming from polyester.


Research is a fundamental key in our production which allows us to develop new qualities to present at each collection or to offer to our clients responding to their needs. Reliability, continuity and quality are Boselli’s distinguished characteristics which are admired by clients, suppliers and competitors.



The industrial specialization brings Boselli to reach out to different activities. Boselli produces fabrics for both men and ladies underwear: intimate apparel, nightgowns, swimwear and swim accessories. Boselli produces qualities suitable for ladies and menswear such as blouses, trousers, jackets, raincoats and linings and is also reaching out to the athletic world offering technical sportswear.

Boselli is realizing fabrics studied purposely for WORKWEAR activity capable of offering comfortable, convenient and resistant products to the working field.

Bosellis’ collection includes many fabrics created for HOMEWEAR or for the contract/hospitality sector for interior decoration, curtains, drapery, bed sheets and bed spreads.