From silk to polyester, a story to tell.

Enrico Boselli founds the company in 1898. Already in the early ‘900 Boselli is characterized by an evident growth, with reference to the size, the number of employees and the increase of export, even overseas.

In the 1930’s the company combines to the traditional pure silk the production of artificial fabrics, viscose first and acetate later. In the 1950’s the synthetic fibres are introduced, first of all the nylon, which allows to launch innovative products.

In the 1960’s Boselli is the first Italian silk mill in the industry to use a texturized yarn of Polyester.

A new era for Boselli.

Since the beginning of the 70’s Boselli specializes in Polyester making important investments in the verticalization, starting from the raw material right through the finished product. During these years Boselli builds its own international business network.

In the 80’s new products are created using the technologies of the polyester yarn and Boselli approaches the ready-to-wear clothing industry, also connected to the large retail.

The 90’s see a further increase of the commercial and industrial initiatives. Boselli opens a twisting factory so as to control also this working process. Boselli then decides to open in Olgiate a textile finishing factory, which complements the production of the other plants, with dyeing and finishing machines.
The verticalization is now complete.