We are a vertically organized company: do you know what we mean?

The verticalization is our distinguishing feature and allows us to preside over the entire working process, starting from the raw material right through to the finished product. This is one of Bosellis’ recognised key points.
We produce fabric for intimate apparel, clothing and homewear.
We guarantee for quality controlling every single process, from our laboratory to each single working stage. We are certified ISO 9001. The mastery we have by the total control of each production stage allows us to guarantee excellent products and to create innovative solutions. Such as offering the best primary materials, which is in constant research.
Innovation starts from the inside of the company, our specialised staff is used to listening and collecting motivations from our customers, suppliers and consultants.
The result is bound to be inspiring: endless materials and designs idealised together with our team, because we firmly believe that an idea can be realized by gathering more elements and combining them with our high experience in technical productions.

Many projects are customized and become worldwide exclusives whether it’s thought for a new quality a jacquard design or a print.

Respect for the environment, a main concern for BOSELLI

Aside the working environment, Boselli is particularly careful to the environmental conservation which we daily respect and pay deep attention to.
Boselli is certified OEKO-TEX which means producing fabrics with better toxicological characteristics than those requested by the law, in order to safeguard and protect the health of the end user.
We bring life to our fabrics, Boselli have eco friendly articles such as re-cycled polyester coming from plastic bottles or Ingeo® a biodegradable fibre coming entirely from corn.

Boselli has an internal purifying plant for industrial waste and energy saving through a hydroelectric structure. Boselli only uses chemical products approved by the Reach regulation.
Under our dyeing-printing mill Boselli has idealized a filtering system in order to prevent the loss of liquids and most important to prevent the accidental pollution of the ground.
We’re also careful of gas treatments in order to reduce the pollution load and save energy.

Fight for sustainability is an integral part of our quality concept.